Rampant Vote Fraud Uncovered In North Carolina


streiff,  Red State

Conservatives have long supported voter identification efforts as a way of deterring organized vote fraud in many jurisdictions. Where we have succeeded in passing laws requiring positive identification of voters they have been challenged in court.

The left is fond of claiming these efforts are voter suppression because, you know, poor people and minorities are too stupid to get an ID and being poor and minorities they don’t have a bank account or EBT card or car or anything else. That is the position staked out by the ACLU (motto: attacking America at home and abroad since 1920):

Voting rights are under attack in this country as state legislatures nationwide pass voter suppression laws under the pretext of preventing voter fraud and safeguarding election integrity. These voter suppression laws take many forms, and collectively lead to significant burdens for eligible voters trying to exercise their most fundamental constitutional right.

During the 2011 legislative sessions, states across the country passed measures to make it harder for Americans – particularly African-Americans, the elderly, students and people with disabilities – to exercise their fundamental right to cast a ballot. Over thirty states considered laws that would require voters to present government-issued photo ID in order to vote. Studies suggest that up to 11 percent of American citizens lack such ID, and would be required to navigate the administrative burdens to obtain it or forego the right to vote entirely.

The famously dense Jamelle Bouie (@jbouie) writing at the struggling group blog called “Slate” (h/t to Ace for that description) claims that it isn’t just poor and minorities being targeted but Democrats because they, like poor and minorities, are too stupid to have an ID:

For as much as Republicans insist that this is about “protecting the vote,” evidence suggests otherwise.

Read the entire article

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