More Questionable Stem-Cell Science

Hisashi Moriguchi is at it again. The researcher, who last year confessed to falsifying stem-cell findings in a number of published papers, has published three new studies over the past 2 months in the peer-reviewed medical journal BMJ Case Reports, Naturereported last week. In October 2012, a Nature investigation brought to light the fraudulent nature of Moriguchi’s work, including descriptions of six heart disease patients who had experienced significant therapeutic improvement after receiving injections of cardiac muscle cells derived from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) in their hearts. Moriguchi subsequently admitted that his claims were false, leading to his dismissal from the University of Tokyo and the retraction of several papers.


Now, Moriguchi, who has a degree in nursing and a master’s in health promotion, but no formal training in molecular biology, has three new papers out in BMJ Case Reports. One paper, published online in April, describes a procedure for supercooling oocytes to preserve eggs from the ovaries of cancer patients for future in vitro fertilization procedures. The paper appears to be a plagiarized version of a paper he retracted in 2012, according to Nature. A second paper, published online on May 2, details the use of iPSCs to treat liver cancer. In a third paper, published a few weeks later, Moriguchi again claims to have injected cardiac stem cells into a heart failure patient.


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