James Risen on Edward Snowden: 'Only Reason We're Having These Debates is Because of a Series of Whistleblowers'

As the case of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden moves forward in the press, the conventional wisdom of the media elites seems to be that Snowden is bizarre, a coward,a weasel, a traitor, and a Chinese spy, to name a few — with little or no support for the service he provided to the American people. New information is coming out from Snowden, some of which you may disagree with, but that shouldn’t define the story at hand or detract from its importance.


The stupidity surrounding some of the responses given to attack him has been beyond the pale. Jeffrey Toobin said that Snowden should have just gone to his bosses to complain about the program if he was unhappy. Riiiiight! They would have immediately promoted him and then held a press conference. Sticking up for Edward Snowden was New York Times national security journalist James Risen, who has broken some very big stories in the past and who knows the value of whistleblowers to our society.


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