29 Coal Miners Died in a 2010 Explosion. Congress Still Hasn’t Fixed the Problem.

by Tim Murphy, Mother Jones

Last week, a federal grand jury indicted former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship for allegedly conspiring to violate mine safety standards in the run-up to the 2010 explosion that killed 29 workers at the Upper Big Branch Mine. Continue reading

What you don’t know about Obama’s amnesty plan

by Rick Moran,  American Thinker

Newt Gingrich, writing for CNN:

But the policy the White House actually announced, as opposed to the policy the President described in his speech, was not merely a directive to emphasize enforcement against those

Continue reading

Cannabis extract can have dramatic effect on brain cancer, says new research

University of St George’s London,  Science Daily

Experts have shown that when certain parts of cannabis are used to treat cancer tumours alongside radio therapy treatment the growths can virtually disappear. Continue reading

The Affordable Care Act’s Embarrassing Moment of Tooth

Russell Berman,  The Atlantic

It turns out the Affordable Care Act didn’t meet its first-year goal of enrolling 7 million Americans in private insurance plans after all. Continue reading

U.S. companies supply eavesdropping gear to Central Asian autocrats

by Julia Harte,  The Center for Public Integrity

American companies are supplying technology that the governments of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are using to spy on their citizens’ communications and clamp down on dissent, Continue reading

The Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes

by Michael Lewis,  Bloomberg

Probably most people would agree that the people paid by the U.S. government to regulate Wall Street have had their difficulties. Continue reading

How to Rebuke a President

Jay Cost,  The Weekly Standard

For responding to a president who defies his constitutional limits, Congress is said to possess four powers: to impeach, to defund, to investigate, and to withhold confirmation of nominees. Continue reading

Why Laws Can’t Stop Female Genital Mutilation

,  ThinkProgress

“She cried,” Sohair al-Bataa’s grandmother said, “She refused.” But her father was determined. He carted his 13-year-old daughter off to a local doctor who cut her genitals – but unlike the other girls who went under his knife, al-Bataa did not wake up. Continue reading

Social Media Bots Offer Phony Friends and Real Profit

Nick Bilton,  The New York Times

I am the ruler of worlds. Let me rephrase that: I am the ruler of one very small world of social media bots. Continue reading

A Loaded Gun

Patrick Radden Keefe,  The New Yorker

Amy Bishop, a neurobiologist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, sat down at the conference table just moments before the faculty meeting began. It was three o’clock on February 12, 2010, and thirteen professors and staff members in the biology department had crowded into a windowless conference room on the third floor of the Shelby Center for Science and Technology. The department chair, a plant biologist named Gopi Podila, distributed a printed agenda. Bishop was sitting next to him, in a spot by the door. Inside her handbag was a gun. Continue reading