Exclusive: U.S. may use secrets act to stop suit against Iran sanctions group

by Emily Flitter, Reuters

(Reuters) – The U.S. government is considering using a powerful national security law to halt a private lawsuit against a non-profit group, United Against A Nuclear Iran, according to a source familiar with the case.  Continue reading

Momentum Builds To Keep Fraudulent Food Off Of Store Shelves

by Marc S. Reisch,  Chemical and Engineering News

The alarm bells have been sounding for a long time, but only in the past few years have consumers, regulators, and companies started to wrestle seriously with the problem of food fraud.

Continue reading

What Does ISIS Want With a Pakistani Woman Serving 86 Years in a U.S. Prison?

by Kaveh Waddell,  National Journal

Before Islamic militants brutally executed an American journalist last week, they issued a series of demands.   Continue reading

America’s Corrupt Institutions

by Paul Craig Roberts,  paulcraigroberts.org

Every public institution in the United States and most private ones are corrupt.  Continue reading

LA Schools’ $1 Billion iPad Fiasco Ends After Corruption Revelations

by Robby Soave, Reason

Los Angeles Unified School District is ending its billion-dollar iPad program, which has drawn widespread criticism for distributing expensive devices to teachers who didn’t know what to do with them and students who kept losing or breaking them.  Continue reading

Embracing the obvious truth

by Caroline B. Glick,  Jewish World Review

Four-year-old Daniel Tragerman was murdered on Friday afternoon in his home in Kibbutz Nahal Oz by Hamas terroristsContinue reading

How to Deal With the Brainwashed

Jim Goad,  Taki’s Magazine

I awoke this morning to the creaking sound of the Western mind closing shut. Continue reading

Europe’s Slow Surrender to Intolerance

Obama administration seeks to bypass Senate on climate deal

Zack Colman,  Washington Examiner

The Obama administration’s strategy for inking a climate change deal would involve voluntary pledges and binding commitments from a 1992 treaty that wouldn’t require Senate ratification, according to a report. Continue reading

The Sinestro Theory of The Administrative State

Benjamin Domenech,  The Heartland Institute

Over the past decade, we’ve witnessed a decline in the level of trust in government, and a rise in distrust, to levels unprecedented in American history. Continue reading